Bank of Initiatives

The Bank of Initiatives is aimed at recognizing and implementing new knowledge, technologies, and models discovered and created at Tomsk State University. The initiatives of University employees, students, and initiative groups accepted to the Bank have significant potential for TSU’s future development within the programme for improving TSU’s competitiveness

The Bank's initiatives are oriented toward:
  • Improving the quality of education
  • Internationalizing the University environment
  • Attracting talented school children – prospective future applicants
  • Supporting students’ social and research activity
  • Developing services to support research and innovation activity
  • Creating a friendly campus space for University students and employees
  • Developing an IT environment at TSU
  • Enhancing TSU’s image in the Tomsk Region



  • Use of IT in educational practices aimed at shaping personally-oriented educational methods

  • Career start-up school

  • Photography classes for TSU students

  • GIS atlas of geological environment (Lake Shira, Republic of Khakassia) as a part of Geography Department students’ field research

  • Mobile school of project-based geography

  • Designing new enactment of student internship procedures

  • Russian Club as a project-based teaching activity for post-graduate students

  • Graphics laboratory

  • Designing guidance for  laboratory classes on radiation and electromagnetic inspection

  • Volunteer school for TSU students

  • Modifying system of physical culture education at TSU

  • Student IT start-up as a project-based task for Senior and Postgraduate Students majoring in information security and cryptology

  • ApiClass project – encouraging secondary school students in biological research

  • QR code-based information support of excursions in the TSU Siberian Botanical Garden

  • 3D e-gаme business challenge contest for economics students

  • Designing a course on modern volunteering techniques

  • Cultural industries forum

  • Image database in Moodle LMS for enhancing cooperative learning practices

  • Communication competency workshop for first-year students

  • Student excursion centre – modifying the service


  • Designing a new educational program for enhancing physics teaching in secondary school and organizing summer courses of secondary school physics teachers

  • Standards of international law practice

  • Designing guidance for  laboratory classes on radiation and electromagnetic inspection

  • Designing and implementing computer courses in psychology

  • Young university professors club

  • Student Club ‘Thought’

  • Implementing Toastmasters Club activities in University Classes

  • Designing Course on Social Entrepreneurship

  • Designing Electronic Reference Service ‘Invertebrates in Farming Ecosystem Soils of Siberia ’

  • Philosophy Inter-Department Club ‘Diogenes’ Lamp’

  • School of Successful Employment for Students

  • Organizing and Holding Contest ‘Specialist of Future’ for Students of Secondary School and University First Year of Studies

  • Workshop ‘Best Educational And Research Practices in Postgraduate Education  from Philological Department

  • Enhancing IT Learning in TSU with IntelRealSense Technology

  • Student Feedback Service for Educational Quality Assessment in TSU

  • Debates as Additional Intellectual Learning Technique

  • Coaching-Based Learning in University

  • Computer Course on First Year Students Adaptation in Moodle LMS

  • Discussion Club on Philosophy for University and Secondary School Students

  • Promoting Francophonie in Tomsk and Siberia – a Basis for Students’ Project-based Learning

  • Enhancing MOOC-based Learning with Gamification Means

Going Global


  • Russo-Italian Cooperation Centre
  • Shaping Diglossic Environment for University Sport Development
  • Cultural Adaptation for International Students – Project by Institute of Arts and Culture
  • Designing and Implementing Course ‘Research Seminar  for PhD Biology Students’
  • Video Lecture-based Course in English on Military International Studies
  • Content ‘Visit to Celestial Empire’
  • Summer School of Intensive Russian Language Studies for Foreign Students – Upgrading the Official Web-site
  • Designing and Implementing the English language versions of the Courses on Software Programs Design and  IT Security
  • Designing a PR-campaign for TSU Promotion Overseas
  • Research Seminar ‘Philosophy and Science in English’

Admission Campaign


  • Quest for Prospective Applicants  
  • Project-based Learning: Physics Students to Tomsk Secondary School Students
  • Modern Teaching Techniques: University Professors to Secondary School Teachers
  • Physics Battle Contest
  • TechnoMind
  • Secret of Tomsk Imperial University: Quest for School Students
  • I – Robot
  • Lectures by Russian Geographical society in Tomsk University
  • Law In Vivo
  • Philosophy Inter-Department Club ‘Diogenes’ Lamp’ – Involving Secondary School Students
  • Quest ‘Find the Key to TSU’
  • Activity-based Teaching for Chemistry: Boosting Students’ Motivation
  • Text Laboratory: Research- and Project-based Teaching of Philology for School Students
  • Workshop ‘Creating an Optical Device in 7 Days’
  • EcoTour ‘Discovering Wildlife’
  • Designing and Holding Course on IT and Programming for School and University Students
  • Chemical Wonder: Talented School Students converted into Successful Freshmen
  • IT Portal on Physics, Mathematics and IT
  • Quest for Tomsk Secondary School Students Rund um Deutsch – Rund um die Uni
  • IT-based discussion club on philosophy for university and secondary school students

University Campus


  • Children’s room in the TSU Scientific Library


  • Wednesday for Psychology 
  • Student stress prevention at TSU 
  • GreenWall – design for the TSU Scientific Library 
  • Criteria for Students’ Psychological Security – Proposed Research 
  • Student-Friendly Campus: Creating Space for Communication, Friendship, Free Time 
  • Centre for Intellectual Leisure Activities


  • University for the 21st Century 
  • – Apply with Your Initiative 
  • Promoting TSU Achievements in Laser Physics Regionally and Internationally 
  • Smart Map: Widening Students’ Opportunities in Social and Creative Fields

TSU for Tomsk region


  • Social Investment Content ‘Deal of Importance’ at TSU
  •  Russian Language Testing Centre for Foreigners


  •  Organizing and Holding the Conference ‘University Accelerating Quality of Life in Local City Communities’
  • TSU as the World Itself: Presenting National Diasporas
  • City Round-table Discussion Issues of Religion, Faith, and Ethics Nowadays
  • EcoLectures (Open-air Education) by Siberian Botanical Garden
  • Forum Landscape Architecture in Siberian Cities: Issues and Solutions
  • Social Quest • IT-Literacy for Tomsk School Students
  • Regional Lean Production School
  • Book on Best Volunteer Practices in TSU: Editions in Russian and English

Supporting Student


  • University Contest Mr. & Ms. TSU


  • Designing Psychology Students’ Research Activity to Raise their Competitiveness after Graduation
  • Involving Students into Research Work of Department Laboratories (Department of Psychology)
  • School of Opera Composition • EcoClub: Learning, Searching & Researching
  • ART Incubator
  • IT-based Discussion Club on Philosophy for University and Secondary School Students



  • Coordination Centre to Support University Professors’ Teaching and Research Development


  • University Portal for Research Results Implementation
  • Publishing monograph on humic acids
  • Plan for Library Foreign Languages Resource Centre Development
  • Reference management software – Enhancing your productivity citation impact
  • German for Science
  • Start-up Social at TSU
  • Supporting and Promoting Youth’s Innovatove Projects -Inno-Pro
  • International Scholar Recruiting for TSU