A series of workshops with Italian students

7 June 2019

In the framework of the project «Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students», Higher School of Journalism held a series of workshops with Italian students, supervised by Senior Lecturer of foreign languages department Pianzina Olesya Valerievna.

Students of Higher School of Journalism had a chance to take part in a series of workshops during the spring semester held by Italian students who study Russian as a foreign language in Tomsk State University.

There were 10 Italian students altogether during the semester. Lorenzo Rigotti who is a student from the University of Verona; Elena Cantabella, Ana Bita, Angelica LaminelliJennifer Frasson, Gabriele G. M. Caviglia, Barbara Vanzetto, Greta Cattani, Priscilla Giacomin, Chiara Previtera –students from the University of Padua (Universita degli Studi di Padova)

Different ways of cross cultural communication were used during classes: communication of students in groups, face-to-face communication, “speed-dating” chatting, workshops, presentations. Multinational interaction helps one to understand the culture and mentality of other nationalities better through actual communication with a real person who is talking about his traditions, childhood, holidays; expresses his thoughts, ideas and emotions.

The workshops covered the topics which were studied by journalism students during the semester in order to practice them in communicative situations with foreigners. Italian students offered some pieces of advice on literature, films and programs that could help with learning language more effectively. They shared their own ways, methods and experience of learning English, which created a good example for Russian students and motivated them to learn English language to understand natives better, to speak more fluently and to be a part of world society of English speakers.

First year students of Higher School of Journalism:

Anna Yanikina: “I really liked this practice. New acquaintances, especially with foreign students develop our language skills, provide opportunities, for example, for traveling. I would like foreign students to come to our classes in future as well. You can practice English with them; they can correct you at any time. This is much more interesting than listening comprehension exercises. Since we are of the same age, we have a lot of common topics to discuss. It is also great to learn about other nationalities not from the Internet, but from real people”

 Anastasia Vishova: “Meeting with foreign students is not only interesting, but also useful. This is good language training, the opportunity to communicate with people from another country. You can find out how they live, learn and, in general, about the country. It was very interesting to communicate with them. I would like to continue having foreign guests during our English classes because such meetings help to practice spoken English in real life”

 Marina Mukhina: “During this semester, students from the UK and Italy came to our English classes. For me personally, it was very useful, I believe that it is with native speakers that learning is faster and more interesting. In addition, we learned a little bit more about their culture, about the country, about their student life. I really liked to talk and communicate with them, I would really like to continue to have classes of such format. ”

 Anastasia Drozdova: “This format of classes is not only very interesting, but also useful. After a number of classes with foreign students my understanding of English has improved. The guests always helped us, corrected us if we said something wrong. It is not a secret for anyone that while learning any language, practice is very important, therefore this format of classes only contributes to an increase in the level of language proficiency, makes the classes even more interesting. ”