The students of the faculty of radiophysics took part in the XVI National conference of student research and development incubators

21 May 2019

On May, 13-14 2019 the Faculty of Radiophysics saw a session “Discoveries in Radiophysics” organized by the English language teachers Olga V. Kharapudchenko, Elena A.Krassilova, Tatyana O. Krasnopeeva and Svetlana A. Kubritskaya within the framework of the project “Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students” and XVI National Conference Of Student Research and Development Incubators. 130 people including Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate students of the Faculty of Radiophysics participated in the session. 73 speakers presented their reports in the English language. Associate professor Kirill A. Lozovoy, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, also attended the session. The best presentations were delivered by Grigory I. Kosarev “Ultrasound applications”, Artur R.Shaidullin “Artificial Intelligence: present and future”, Artem K.Berzin “What is LIGO?”, Polina P.Smygalina “Teleportation is real!”, Alina A.Potselueva “The influence of the concentration of the multiwall carbon nanotubes on the dielectric constant of composites applied at the operating frequencies of a wireless Wi-Fi network”. The experience got in the conference will undoubtedly help the students in their future academic and research work.