Workshop Pianzina Olesya Valerievna with Bristol students

13 May 2019

In the framework of the project «Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students», Higher School of Journalism held aworkshop with Bristol students, supervised by Senior Lecturer of foreign languages department Pianzina Olesya Valerievna.

Edward Willsher, Dylan Jones and Cristina Duckworth - students from The University of Bristol, England, who study Russian as a foreign language in Tomsk State University, were invited to give a workshop in English to the students of Higher School of Journalism.

The workshop included a question-answer-session covering general and broad ranging topics from life interests, family, study, local culture to political, economic and national issues. Students were particularly interested in each other’s native traditions, culture and cuisine.

Whilst working in groups the students were practicing their communication and interviewing skills and demonstrated good abilities in listening and discussion.