Holiday Quiz

15 April 2019

Within the framework of the project “Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU students” the teacher of foreign languages school «Druziya» Sharafieva Oxana offered the second year students (gr. 08702а) to test their knowledge of winter and spring holidays by doing quiz in English. All students were divided into two teams. They answered several questions for a limited amount of time. These questions were about history and traditions of celebration of our holidays (the 8thof March, the 23rdof Februaryand the 14thof February).

Some questions had several variants, but the others were open, so the participants should have provided their own versions. Several questions were quite difficult, especially those about the origins of the holidays. As a result,students learned new information, and both teams got the same points.

After quiz, students discussed the meaning of these holidays in the modern world. They discussed a lot about pros and cons of celebration, because it was very difficult to give definite answers without considering particular cases. The participants gave their ideas about their own family traditions if existed. Then they discussed traditions of foreign countries.In the end, students drew a conclusion that many important holidays changed their original meaning and they are not so important for modern youth as they were for the previous generations.