Happy Birthday, Albert!

18 March 2019

March 14, 1879 the world saw the birth of one of the greatest scientists, Albert Einstein! In physics community this event cannot be ignored so group 05742 of the Faculty of Physics invited first-year students and organized a What? Where? When? game in English.

Second-year students thoroughly prepared for the game and delegated the roles perfectly well, commented Aleksandra Dusheiko, teacher of English.

The game was hosted by Danil Malyshev and Oybek Mamazakirov. Since the questions were presented in English, the teams were allowed to discuss them in Russian but the answer was counted in if it was given in English. The discussion was also supervised by the second-year students. Ekaterina Matyskina and Anna Lapshina, GlebTunda and Dmitry Zubar helped their younger colleagues with terms and translation. After each round, experts, VladislavKuznetsov and Alexey Tuchak provided deeper insight into the problem. Sofiya Bozhenkova was responsible for taking photos whereas Kristina Sharybkina monitored the score.

The first-year students easily coped with the tasks. They were given one minute to prepare the answer but they always answered earlier. The only question they failed took more time and concentration.

Although 05831 won the game, all the participants were satisfied.

YuliyaStarkina(05831): Thank you very much for the interesting lesson. I really liked everything.

SofiyaZvonareva(05831): Game What? Where? When? In English class was interesting but rather complicated. Because you first need to correctly translate the question and understand the meaning, and then also try to answer in English, in a short period of time. But, in the end, we began to succeed, and our team won and received a sweet prize.

Ekaterina Matysskina(05742): It was a cool and unusual game. First-year guys were amazing at physics. We had English practice and I liked it.

Oybek Mamazakirov(06742): One of the best games I’ve ever hosted.

Diana Merzlyakova (05831): Today I participated in the game " What?Where?When?". 
It was not only exciting, but also informative. They say that in the form of game information is absorbed better. So I learned a lot of new words. Due to the fact that we had a physical theme, it was doubly interesting. We discussed the answers to all questions. We tried to formulate the correct answer in English. Of course, most of the time was spent on the translation of this question. But this did not prevent us from winning! I hope that this will happen again!