Spiders, debating, and English grammar: Chemistry Department undergraduates met with a native speaker from Australia

27 December 2018

Students of the I and II courses of the Faculty of Chemistry participating in the project “Foreign language competence development of TSU students” got the opportunity to communicate with Yaroslav, a unique native speaker with an unusual Russian name, who spent his entire life in Sydney, Australia, and now has returned to Russia.

Yaroslav conducted three workshops: the first one was devoted to the educational debating session, where students argued their points on the significance on fundamental versus applied sciences (group 08701b), the second one was mostly about playing gamesin English (group 08802a), and the third workshop was an English-language conference on the theoretical aspects of grammar (group 08801b).       Let the student comments speak for themselves.

Evgenia Zinina, group 08802a: Everything was wonderful, it was interesting to hear an opinion from a native speaker of the language you learn. I liked the game, I learned some new words!

Maxim Zagvozkin, group 08801b: I really enjoyed the lesson! When a student tells the rule to another student, it’s just great! You both get the chance to revise the material!

Maria Monakhova, group 08801b: Everything was great! First, you revise the tenses in English, and even studythe new ones! At the same time, you getsome response and evaluation from a native speaker! You can see your mistakes and focus on them more! I really liked it!

Valeria Sitnikova, group 08801b: The atmosphere was coze, and very interesting presentations were made by the guys, as well as the interesting schemes. While preparing for the class, you revise the material and interpret it. And, of course, this is a great opportunity to get some tips from a native speaker. It is very exciting and incredibly interesting!

Ksenia Kazantseva, group 08801b: Oh, I enjoyed today's class, it was nice and fun to speak and to listen to the others. Yaroslav was pleasant and kind, I want to thank him very much for the comments. The only sad thing is that an hour lasts for 60 minutes only — the time went so fast.

Ekaterina Yu, group 08701b: Today, we were meeting with a very interesting person. I was very happy to talk to a native speaker. Moreover, I am always glad to communicate with foreigners. On the one hand, it gives unforgettable impressions and new knowledge about culture of another country. And on the other hand, it shows how useful and interesting it is to learn a foreign language. As a result, I try to work harder on learning English language. Thank you, teacher, that you organised the meeting. Also thanks to Yaroslav for visiting us.

Maria Dorofeeva, group 08701b: This Wednesday our English group had an interesting tea party with a special guest. His parents moved to Australia when Yaroslav was a child. We had an interesting conversation with him about fundamental and applied sciences, big Australian spiders, and the British museum. I think this meeting was lovely and helpful!

Chinvendu Yan, group 08701b: The today's class was amazing and delighting. Everyone has taken part in debating and tried their best to voice the arguments and opinions peacefully and courteously. Our teacher Nadezhda Vladimirovna is always the kindest assistant when we are messed with all kinds of English problems. The last but not least, I want to express my gratitude to our friendly guest Yaroslav, who patiently listened to everyone's opinions and gave us valuable advice. Finally, thanks for the tasty food that guys have brought, especially for the pie that Maria made.

Daria Korsakova, group 08701b: Today, we had a debating session where everyone could speak. A visitor from Australia came to us. It was very nice to talk to this man. I believe that communicating with a native speaker helps us improve our communication skills. I was glad to hear criticism from the guest and understand what I need to work on. In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for the pleasant pastime.