Freshmen of the Faculty of Radiophysics are Studying Novel Technologies in English

18 December 2018

Within the framework of the project "Foreign Language Competence of TSU Students" the first-year students of the faculty of Radiophysics attended the Laboratory of the departments of Semiconductor Electronics and Physics of Semiconductors of Radiophysics and Physics faculties. The head of the laboratory is Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor Vadim A. Novikov .

The excursion was conducted by Sanal Marmakov, a Master student of the department of Semiconductor Electronics. Sanal demonstrated one of the modern instruments for studying the structure and surface properties of bodies - an atomic force microscope (AFM). Microminiaturization of executive elements of modern electronics requires the homogeneity of materials and quality of their study. At present, almost no research in the field of surface physics and thin-film technologies can be done without using of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) methods, in particular, AFM. Thanks to AFM, new discoveries are made and ideas emerge in the study of the surface of objects.

The event was organized by Olga.V. Kharapudchenko.