II English-speaking Forum for University Students

30 November 2018

On November, 26 within the II English-speaking Forum for University Students in the Conference Hall of TSU Scientific library the scientific conference of Biological Institute students entitled "Dive into Science: Wondering, Observing, and Exploring the Essence of Nature" was held.

Organizers and moderators of this conference are the project manager, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Tomsk State University Victor Dyomin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of Tomsk State University Artyom Rykun, the director of Biological Institute of Tomsk State University, professor Danil Vorobiev, the project manager Elena Shulgina, associate professor of foreign language faculty, Lyudmila Minakova, associate professor of foreign language faculty and assistant professors of foreign language faculty – Elena Melnikova and Elena Vychuzhanina.

Current Issues of Population Genetics and Evolutionary Medicine” Junior Researcher of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics of Tomsk Research Institute of Medical Genetics.

“What is Aedes aegypti: causes and consequences” Group 01801

Best Paper Award

Romanenko Maria, Lutskaya Elizaveta “How chronic stress affects your organism?” Group 01701

Best Paper Award First Runner-Up

Giganova Anastasia, Sukhih Evgeny “How to investigate a gene with a pail of cold water” Group 01702

Best Paper Award Second Runner-Up

Dergacheva Christina “The beginning of everything” Group 01801

Trofimova Alina “How to make a terrarium” Group 01801

Best Poster Paper Award

Kilinchuk Anna, Frankevich Tatyana, Pergaeva Sofya, Sinchileev Dinar “The Pythagorean diet” Group 01802

Best Poster Paper Award First Runner-Up

Ilinykh Marina, Topilina Yulia “Huntington’s disease” Group 01801

Best Poster Paper Award Second Runner-Up

Serdyukova Sofia, Postnikova Maria “Pollen fertility and viability” Group 01701

Filimonova Yulia, Pozdnyakova Elizaveta “What dragons are made of?” Group 01802

Christina Dergacheva, Group 01801

“It was a great event where I was able to get rid of the fear of speaking in front of a large audience. It was also very informative, as there were a large number of participants. It was a great way to practice my English, I’m very glad I was a participant of that conference”.

Ksenia Gavrilova, Group 01801

“It was an awesome event!) A lot of emotion and impressions. Firstly, it's a great training for studying English, especially speaking skills. Also, we've known how to prepare and present scientific information in English - it's very important for our future career. I'm waiting for the next conference in order to fix my mistakes and develop my performance”.

Alina Trofimova, Group 01801

“I think it was a great opportunity for all students of Bioligical Institute to develop their skills. Although the audience was pretty large, I felt comfortable and confident as there were lots of friends and groupmates. Everything was awesome. The conference was as good as I expected”.