Thanksgiving day: educational tea-party

29 November 2018

On 19November, in the framework of the project “The development of foreign language competence of TSU students”, an event dedicated to Thanksgiving Day was held. To mark the eventtwo special guests from the USA,Cat and Phil, were invited.

They came from Alabama and South Carolina, now live and work in Tomsk in a language school. First-year students of Chemistry Faculty, together with their teachers Aleksandra Soboleva and Anna Sondor, had a good time in a warm and friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea. The students learned a lot about the celebration of Thanksgiving, and also talked about the Russian and American mentality and traditions. Each of the students present had the opportunity to communicate with foreigners and improve English speaking skills.

ReshetovaElina: “Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve our skills in spoken English, as well as to enhance our team spirit. Such activities are necessary, especially for the first year students. The most memorable part of the tea-party was the invitation of native speakers, because not every day we can hear the speech of a foreigner in person. Thanks again for the good time”.

UlianaGoroshkina: “The meeting was very fun and interesting, to some extent even cozy due to tea party, during which we discussed the culture of English-speaking countries directly with native speakers. I would like to express my great gratitude to all the participants and teachers”.

Natalya Kondykova: “I really enjoyed the event in honor of Thanksgiving. It was interesting to talk with the people from South Carolina and Alabama, to learn about their holiday and, in general, about life in their country”.

Zakharova Alexandra: “It was very cool! We learned a lot of interesting things about American culture, about the lifestyle and interests of Americans. Thank you for the opportunity”.

Zolotareva Maria: “It was very interesting to talk with such guys. This is an invaluable practice. It was also very cool to get to know the whole truth about Thanksgiving. We could ask them any questions to which we received very informative answers. We learned a little about Alabama and South Carolina. Thank you”.

Julia Kolmakova: “It was exciting to observe the behavior and emotions of Cat and Phil, as they differ from our Russian manners. They actively gesticulated and spoke very emotionally. Our meeting was held in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere”.