English is not only a hard skill…

26 November 2018

On the 21st of November 2018 students of the Faculty of Physics and Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science met the representatives of the international company Econophysica.

The company was founded by Oleg Soloviev, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics. It was set up in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the 21st of August 2000. A few days later appeared Eco-Tomsk. Econophysica specialises in providing analytical and programming services to global clients across industries and disciplines.

The meeting was held by VasiliyMorozov, Technical Writer, Marina Manuylenko, HR, and Anton Shevchuk, Machine Learning and Data Analysis Engineer.

The representatives focused on why English stopped being a hard skill. However, before starting to discuss the main point, the specialists had introduced the company, shed light on its advantages and spoke about the difference between soft skills and hard skills. The employees highlighted that the majority of international companies mention English proficiency as one of the most important requirements to applicants.

Anton Shevchuk – a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages – shared his first impression of the office: When I entered the office, I heard that nearly everyone was speaking English: on Skype, on the phone and in the meeting rooms.

An interview in English is an integral stage of the job interview.

The guests mentioned that knowledge in mathematics is a good asset too. It will help students to do a maths quiz and succeed in their further career.

Although many students have not thought about their future jobs, some of them indeed have some expectations. Danil Malyshev(05732)said that flexi-time is the most attractive feature of that kind of job.

Artem Duduka (05732)admitted that he does not consider this sphere of employment. “Probably, programming would become a hobby for me. Nevertheless, the information was quite useful.”

“Students have not thought about their career yet, although all invited speakers tell them that they must start working earlier. I know Anton Shevchuk. He graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Now he is doing Master’s Degree in Computer Linguistics at the Faculty of Philology. Anton is a person who developed the skills he needed to get a job. I am trying to make my students realize that now they have time to develop skills they consider necessary. They have a great opportunity to improve English. There are campus courses. The only thing they lack is their strive for a better future and an understanding that they have to start thinking about their jobs now”- explained Aleksandra Dusheiko, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.