Back to Future. Second-year students of the Faculty of Physics jumped back to their first year to revise linear algebra

7 November 2018

25 October 2018 within the framework of the project «Foreign language competence development of TSU students», second-year students of the Faculty of Physics jumped back to their first year to revise linear algebra. Mathematics is a part and parcel of physics and physicists will need it in future. To revise the material Vladislava Churuksaeva did a lecture on linear algebra in English.

The Associate Professor at the Department of Computational Mathematics and Computer Modelling, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, not only remind the students how to work with matrices but also practiced key terms and expressions used in linear algebra.

Fortunately, our students understood the lecturer better than me. Maths is not my cup of tea. At some point I heard the word non-commutative. I did not know the word and ask Vladislava to write it on the board. The students did not see the point doing that because they knew the word, admitted Aleksandra Dusheiko, English teacher. It was rather interesting to observe and listen how they were trying to solve the tasks. It was extremely hard. Later, the lecturer realized why it was so hard. She is from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics where students are trained in mathematics very hard, whereas physics students do not focus so much on the discipline. Nevertheless, terms are worth learning and will be useful in future.

Alisa Samarinova, Aleksey Nekhoroshev, Ekaterina Matyskina, Konstantin Kim, Aleksey Pak were deeply involved in solving the problems. The lecture was also attended by first-year student Abdalla Altamimi.