From Japan… with a lecture

30 October 2018

The students of the Faculty of Physics attended a lecture by Aleksey Remnev. Aleksey graduated from the Faculty of Physics. While doing his Master’s degree he got an opportunity to have a 3-month internship in ITAC ltd. Having graduated from the university he was offered a job there. Aleksey did not give up science and obtained PhD from Tokyo University. Currently, he is a Chief Engineer and works on novel applications of ion sputtering in medicine and other industries.

Aleksey and his colleagues developed a technique and equipment that sharpen medical needles. A medical community in Tokyo complained that needles break, damage patients’ skin, and even cause anxiety and fear of injections. A smoother and sharper tip of the needle provides betterpenetration and less damage. The technique eliminates imperfections and allows making needles sharper.

In Russia, this method is going to be used to refurbish tools. Drills and other tools are frequently disposed after a single use. However, the technique allows removing old coating from the metal and coating it with a new one. The eco-friendly technique helps the environment by reducing waste.

The lecture was inspiring, said Anna Lapshina (05742). The students did not let Aleksey go and kept asking questions related to Japan, science, and student time.

Despite saying that he is not a lecturer but engineer, Aleksey appeared to be a great lecturer! He explained very complicated things with very simple words. Even I, non-physicist, get the idea, commented Aleksandra Dusheiko, English teacher.

The event was organized by English teacher Olga Zubkova within the Project“Development of the foreign language competence for TSU students”. “Such lectures are a key aspect of the Project. They allow students to see the ways to apply their knowledge and succeed in their career. Aleksey Remnev’s lecturer perhaps will help them to decide on the branch of physics they are interested in. For us, as English teachers, these lectures are the essence of the Project and our efforts. It is sometimes an uphill task to encourage students at non-language faculties to learn English because they cannot see any applications of their skill to their future profession and the person who studied at the same faculty and was taught by the same teachers and then had an internship in Japan and stayed there to carry out advanced projects, defended PhD and does what he likes doing is the best example why to learn English”.

Aleksey was deeply impressed by the Project and the fact that students talked to each other in English even before the lecture started. He is sure that the Project will bring the results.

Alexey Nekhoroshev (05722): It was a great presentation, the most interesting we’ve had in English. Now I’m considering the Department of Plasma as one of those I’d apply for.

Alisa Samarinova (05722): The presentation was very informative and clear. The physical nature of the phenomena related to the treatment of materials with plasma and particles was thoroughly described. Working in Japan is cool!

Aleksey Pak (05722): The lecture was great. There was plenty of interesting facts and topics. What I liked most was the description of the ways to apply plasma in industry. I’d like to thank the organisers of the lecture and especially the lecturer.

ZhannaFedorovich (05741): It was an extremely informative and inspiring presentation by a really interesting person. The topic was very close to me since a lot of issues are connected with chemistry. Aleksey’s speech was understandable and I immersed into the topic. I think that it is very important to search for you identity and develop in a chosen direction, improve filed of science and life. I’m very thankful to the speaker. His lecture inspired me to move in the same research area.