October 19 “Open University” begins a series of lectures “History and modernity”

15 October 2018

A set of lectures by associate professor of Faculty of History and Political Science, Dmitry S. Konkov, devoted to the history of Christianity, will continue with the course “Protestantism: the religious revolution of the XVI century”.

Two series of lectures on this subject - “The birth and flourishing of Western Christianity: the Catholic Church in theory and practice” and “Medieval heresies: faith against dogma” were successfully held in the previous semester. And very soon, namely on October 19, the third course will begin in terms of which students will receive six lectures on Protestantism in the context of European history of the XVI century.

The spiritual world of the medieval city dweller, problems of the church and faith, the position of the papal authority, religious wars, Protestantism and politics, the reaction of Catholicism and reformation of the church are subjects of the lectures.


Lectures will be held on Fridays in 302 room at the 2nd building, TSU (left wing, 3rd floor). The first meeting will be held on October 19.

Lectures start at 06.25 p.m.