The First Students’ Conference in the framework of II English Forum for University Students and with the Support of the Project “Foreign Language Development of TSU Students” took place at the History faculty.

4 May 2018

April 27, 2018 the first-year students of the Faculty of History took part in theII English Forum for University Students.

Participants of the conference presented their reports in English within two sections: “Historical aspects through professional communicationand Global affaires through professional communication. Most of the reports and presentations met the high standards of university speeches, covering a number of relevant topics and issues of History, Regional Studies, Document and Archive Science, International Relations. Poster projects took their place on the agenda and provided students with an opportunity to discuss topics of the projects in English in a lively manner.

Upon the results of the meetings, the winners in the sections were awarded certificates for the best paper works and diplomas of the first and the second runner-up. All speakers received certificates of participants.

Participants of the first-year students’ conference at the History Faculty share their opinions and provide the project and the faculty with some feedback:

"It was a really useful students' conference which helped me to get an unforgettable experience! There were a lot of interesting themes and speeches. I will be glad to participate again!”

-Lukova Elizaveta.

“Well, this conference is a great opportunity for students of the first year of education to test themselves. I mean that due to this conference you can try to tell to your colleagues something interesting and educational and make it in English. It also could help you if you are scared of public to be less shy in case that atmosphere in audience pretty friendly and everybody is clapping to everybody. So as for me, I think it's a great event and possibility to develop a capability.”

-Nikiforov Oleg.

“It was really great to take part in this conference! The organization was rather good and it was interesting to listen to other speakers. I didn't expect to take any place, but I'm satisfied with my speech, so I'd like to take part in such kind of conference in the future. Thank you!!!”

-Teushchakova Marina.