Astronomy master class

25 April 2018

April 24, 2018 first-year students of the Faculty of Physics took part in master class where they refreshed their knowledge on the Solar System and found out what is the difference between meteors and meteorites.

As part of the project “Development of foreign language competence of TSU students”, students of the group 05741 were invited to the master class ""Astronomy, geodesy and information technologies. What do they have in common?" prepared by Tatyana Yu. Galushina (associate professor, Department of Astronomy and Space Geology). Group's pre-training was carried out by the English language teacher of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Zoya N. Levashkina.

T.Yu. Galusha is interested in asteroids. The associate professor told the students about celestial bodies, peculiarities of astronomical terminology, the scientific research carried out by the Department of Astronomy and Space Geology. Students were asked several questions and at the end of master class they solved the crossword puzzle.  

Zhanna Fedorovich (05741): "Today we had a very interesting presentation about Department of Astronomy and Geodesy. We got not only a lot of information about our faculty, but also we practiced English. I can emphasize that presentation showed us the most important facts and we didn't have any questions because it was full information. And it was a very simple way to tell in English and we all could understand everything and even remember some information. I want to say "Thanks!" for master-class and walk through a maze of the institute".

Aleksandr Shkurenko (05741): “Today we went to the open lesson of the Department of Astronomy and Geodesy, the lesson was conducted in English, it was very interesting, we not only learned about the department but also learned a little English”.

Anna Babarykina (05741):” It was a very interesting experience. I was fond of astronomy before that, so it was especially interesting for me to listen and learn new information”.