Workshop of Nanna Haytmann

24 April 2018

The Journalism Department and the Project «Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students» invite you to the workshop of Nanna Haytmann who will reveal all her secrets.

Norway, India, Nepal, Indonesia and Myanmar. What unites all these countries?

In each of them Nanna Heitmann, a new student of the Faculty of Journalism, left her mark.

In Norway, she made banana wine and worked on a sheep farm. In India, she went hitchhiking with soldiers, with nuns, with a school bus. In Nepal, she spent a month growing rice on a rice farm.

She was at a depth of 1,700 meters under the earth in the last mine of Germany. Now she came to Tomsk. Why was she drawn to Siberia?

April, 25th, 18.00, Journalism Department, room №203.