Current Issues of Modern Economics and Management: A Fresh Look and New Solutions

23 April 2018

On April 18, 2018 the annual conference “Current Issues of Modern Economics and Management: A Fresh Look and New Solutions” took place in the Institute of Economics and Management.

Traditionally the conference is for Master’s and Bachelor’s students and for all young researchers of Institute of Economics and Management.

The organizers of the conference are Senior Lecturers of Faculty of Foreign Languages: Tamara Budlova, Elena Sergeeva, Olga Milovanova and Assiciate Professor of Faculty of Foreign Languages Nadezhda Marugina., and Professor of Institute of Economics and Management Evgeniya Nekhoda.
According to visitors’ feedback the presenters were well-prepared,and every student had an opportunity to answer questions, that they responded in a way it showed competence in their areas of research and in the English Language.

But the most important thing was that the presentations were really modern and covered latest tendencies in economics and management, that resulted in lively discussions , helpful and interesting for all the participants.

Irina Supis, group 27716    

For me taking part in a conference in English language is one of the most efficient ways to improve several of your skills at once! Public speaking is perfected through practice and practice only. Understanding foreign speech skills – here you are! Do I even have to talk about pronunciation and speaking? Besides, the participants of such conferences are a source of motivation and inspiration! Listening to other people one can figure out their strengths and apply those to oneself. Here’s where self-improvement begins! I want to thank the organizers and moderators in particular for a unique atmosphere of mutual respect, interest and support. I will gladly take part next year, all the more as error correction has already begun!

Uliana Kartasheva,group 27716     

As a participant of the English language section, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers and the participants for the fact that the section worked in unison, everything was well-planned and the atmosphere was exceptionally friendly and family-like. I would take part in it once again with great pleasure, in order to immerse in the world of English and economics. 

Lisa Kondratyuk, group 27602

The conference was great, all presentations were interesting, many studies are really profound. The level of English of all participants was excellent. Pleasant trifle - gifts for all presenters. In general it was a very good experience.

Maria Borovikova, group 27712

I participated for the first time in such conference. It was interesting to listen to different topics, different points of view, it was nice to hear questions from interested participants. At the conference there was cozy and benevolent atmosphere, at the same time it was aimed at professionalism of the participants and organizers. I would like to see more participants and listeners next year.