Hollywood Physics

10 April 2018

People will never give up talking about the crucial role of physics laws and phenomena in their lives. However there is a branch neglecting those laws for the sake of box office records and stunning scenes: CINEMATOGRAPHY.

5 April 2018 VladislavRyakinheld a workshop and introduced Hollywood physics to the first-year students who had a look at a few of cinema’s most mind-boggling moments of scientific inaccuracy.

Hollywood physics does not take acceleration, gravity, pressure into account and creates heroes able to overcome all physical forces and laws. Vladislav described some mistakes made by the filmmakers in Star Wars and tried to model the conditions that could have enabled such scenes.

After that the students were given an individual task. Each of them had to figure out what was wrong with a particular scene and what usually happens in real life. Ekaterina Zueva explained why laser beams cannot be seen in outer space. Ilya Fatkullin talked about Tom Kruse’s impossible mission, i.e. survival after head-to-head collision. Eddi Kim debunked misconceptions about loud explosions in space. Roma Gontarev described all the inaccuracies in one of the Batman scenes.

Vladislav listened attentively and commented on the talks. Although the first-year students had difficulty using physics terms, they were pleased with the workshop held within the Project. Eddi Kim and Ekaterina Zueva admitted that they lack professional vocabulary.

Eddi Kim:This kind of experience was pretty decent for me. I improved my physics terminology and now I got some stuff to think about. About Vladislav; he presented himself as a confident and clever guy that is supposed to know what he is talking. And even if we got nothing to say he is quite lenient. I would like to see him at our classes.

Ekaterina Zueva: I totally agree with Eddie, this lesson was unforgettable and very interesting. After that I think, I will improve my English vocabulary in physics. Vladislav is a very clever student, especially in physics, and I was very pleased that he tried to help us to explain some definitions and physics phenomena when we couldn’t understand. So, I hope that these lessons will continue. I got a good experience, thank you for that.

Vladislav was awarded the prize for the ability to hold conversation and be active in discussion in the International Contest for EFL Learners Integrating Global English Communication into Engineering Science and Technology, held by Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2017.

“I was invited to a thematic English lesson that was dedicated to movies in general and movie bloopers that concern physics in particular. My role was to explain a bunch of physics terms and to be a consultant in physics. The students were responsive and involved in the process, which made it a pleasure to work with them” said Vladislav.