Vortex lecture

13 April 2018

7 April 2018 within the framework of the project “Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students”, the students of the Faculty of Physics attended the lecture on Vortex Waves of Light and Matter. The lecture was done by Dmitry Karlovets, senior researcher at the Laboratory for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. Not only participants of the Project came to the lecture but also some fourth-year students who are familiar with Dmitry’s work and are eager to get  more language practice and professional training.

Dmitry Karlovets told the difference between plane and vortex waves and made examples of vortices that can be observed in nature: hurricanes, airy flows, and waterfalls. The lecturer offered students to solve a problem. Akim Tretiakov, second-year student, nearly solved the problem.

At the end of the lecture, Dmitry paid attention to the vocabulary items students were unfamiliar with. Nevertheless, students admitted that the lecture was easy to understand and very interesting. It is important to mention that the events like the one presented require some language practice prior to the event during which students get acquainted with key words and expressions to make their comprehension of the material flawless. Such activities are organized and implemented on language classes to make the process of language learning applied. After the lecture language instructors, Alexandra Nabiullina and Olga Nagel, also attracted students’ attention to some important language items and collaborated with the lecturer who was used as an expert on the field.

Students asked the senior researcher about his and his laboratory research topic. They also were interested in his international experience. The researcher told about the main studies run in the laboratory and gave some advice to students. He recommended learning English, doing research into minor problems in the first and second year of study, taking part in conferences, and searching for opportunities to study and collaborate with international universities.