Workshop on art therapy at the Chemistry Department

17 April 2018

Within the framework of the project «Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students» the teacher Yulia Ibragimova introduced the group 08701b of the Chemistry Department to one of the methods of alternative medicine.

The term art therapy is formed from combining the English words art and therapy and is literally understood as an alternative form oftherapy. This is a psychotherapeutic method based on the creative self-expression of the individual and aimed at healing the psyche, self-understanding and self-actualization.

The students discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, listened to the therapist's lecture and, of course, tried the art therapy session themselves.

The task was creative, but very simple - to draw yourself in the form of a superhero. Despite skeptical moods, during the general discussion of drawings, most students concluded that this method can tell a lot about a person and help overcome stressful situations. Let us give them a word:

Chinvendu Ian: «Art therapy is great. As a fan of arts, I am fully convinced by this kind of therapy. It's true that when we are creating something, we are wholly sunk by our thoughts and temporarily being out of any annoying things around us. It is a way to express our inner thoughts, or even subconsciousness that we hadn't known yet. We tried the therapy by drawing ourselves as super heroes. And it turned out that everyone was actively involved so we got to know more about each other. It was more than funny, while significant».

Maria Dorofeeva: «I had a wonderful experience at the previous lesson. I had the coolest picture in the group. What I think about art therapy? It’s more relevant for the person himself because the only man who knows your psychological problems, fears, wishes and hopes is actually you. So, art therapy can help you to understand it and come to a great solution».

Yulia Razgulyaeva: «Art therapy is an amazing method. In the modern world every person experiences stressful situations. It is hard to cope with such problem. Art therapy helps to open new sensations, relieve stress, improve mood.
We drew ourselves as superheroes. Thanks to these drawings we could get to know what others were thinking and understand each other better».

Tatiana Druzhinina: «Generally, I think it is a good idea and it could help people to understand themselves. Since it hadn’t lost its popularity, art therapy must work for some people».

Tatiana Nazarova: «It was unexpected for me that pics and the explanation given by the author can show an inner world. Such experience was interesting and surprising because of opening my groupmates’ minds».

Such workshops really help to update the training material and give freshmen a chance to get to know each other better, to practice English in the real situation and, of course, to be creative.

"By itself, creativity makes a person's life interesting and rich" - this is probably the main conclusion made by students.