Tough but realistic

19 February 2018

15 February, 2018 students of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science attended the work-shop held by the graduate of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics. Vyacheslav Inozemtsev graduated from the Faculty in 2010 and entered Bonn University (Germany) in 2012. He obtained Master’s Degree in Computer Science (CS). Currently, Vyacheslav works for Zalando, international company that specialises in online shopping.

The guest shared his experience in applying for a European university, studying, living, and workin in Germany.

The first important thing that Vyacheslav paid attention to was English. To get a place in a university you have to prove your English proficiency. He did TOEFL to apply for a place. He applied for 15 universities and chose Bonn.

Doing Master’s Degree was tough but realistic. If you want to study and get results, you will do your best to submit assignments on time. You build your own course and you are the only person responsible for your performance at university. Vyacheslav mentioned that knowledge and skills at maths he had gained at TSU were very helpful. They gave him a significant advantage over his mates. They helped to arrange and analyse materials properly. “You are getting high-quality education in TSU, remember it” said he.

Having got his diploma, Vyacheslav moved to Berlin. Talking about differences between Russia and Berlin, the speaker noted, “In Russia everyone is Russian, in Germany nobody is German”.

Vyacheslav’s job involves designing new solutions to data storage, distribution and processing. Employees attend conferences and presentation, which is not mandatory, but if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, you cannot miss them. Programmers and IT specialists learn every day.

Things are changing. New technology and products are emerging. Processes are being automated. Therefore, well qualified database engineers and other IT specialist are on demand.

At the end of his talk Vyacheslav recommended students to start working as soon as possible, benefit from every opportunity they have, look forward, make plans and develop their hard and soft skills.