Open lecture in English for FGG students

20 December 2017

As part of the project for English-speaking environment formation for TSU students, a lecture in English on the topic The Use of Modern Software for Landscape Analysis for the students of the Faculty of Geology and Geography (groups 02604 and 02606) was held on December 15, 2017.

Traditionally, for the third time since the project started (which was in September 2016), the lecture was delivered by Aleksandr Anatolievich Yerofeyev, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor of the Department of Geography, the Faculty of Geology and Geography.

The lecture comprised three parts. The first was devoted to the review of up-to-date software in the field of GIS technologies; further, the programs used to build landscape models and methods of their application in the study of geomorphology and landscape design were described. When delivering the lecture, Aleksandr Anatolievich checked the students’ understanding of the material by asking some clarifying questions about the content of the lecture, and the listeners gave some examples themselves. As a result of this, it was obvious that the students had no trouble following the lecture in English. In the final part, the lecturer answered some questions.

The topic chosen for the lecture was very relevant and, despite the fact that the sophomores will hear about GIS technologies (in Russian) only next year, most students showed not only competence in English, but also some awareness of their future profession.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Aleksandr Anatolievich Yerofeyev for his contribution into the development of the English-speaking environment at the Faculty of Geology and Geography.