16 December 2017

Within the project «Foreign Language Competence Development of TSU Students» a Master student Vladimir Zayakhanov and a PhD student Anton Pishchagin held a workshop in one the laboratories of Quantum Electronics and Photonics department (Radiophysics faculty).

The first-year students of group 771 and the English language lecturers Olga Kharapudchenko and Tatyana Podyanova learned a lot about molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) .This method allows growing heterostructures of a given thickness. MBE is widely used in manufacturing  semiconductor devices,  and it is considered one of the fundamental tools for the development of nanotechnologies. Despite a fairly simple idea, the implementation of this technology requires extremely complicated technical solutions. The setup “Katun” was demonstrated by Vladimir. This device is designed to form films using molecular beam epitaxy in ultrahigh vacuum. Senior students answered a lot of questions about research areas, international contacts of  the lab, publishing papers in scientific journals, career opportunities of graduates. All students used only English for communication.  The organizer of the event was Olga V. Kharapudchenko.