Biology students took part in a workshop in the Paleontological museum

27 November 2017

On 20-23 November, 2017 first-year students of the Institute of Biology (TSU), the participants of the project «Foreign language competence development of TSU students» visited the Paleontological museum of Tomsk State University.

The workshop «The exposition of the Paleontological museum of TSU» was organized by the staff of the Excursion and Educational Center of the museums of TSU. Anatoly I. Muravjev, a PhD student of the Faculty of Geology and Geography, gave a thorough talk on the main geological periods of the Earth’s development. During the workshop the lecturer told about the flora and fauna fossils that make up the exposition of the museum.

The junior students were eager to know about dinosaurs, mammoths, plants, fish and invertebrates that used to inhabit our planet. It was interesting to find out that the extinction of all those species was caused by climate changes. The participants of the event discussed the current situation in terms of global problems such as global warming, the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion etc. The students concluded that the humanity has to take environmental issues seriously and do its best to keep the situation under control if it wants to survive.

The excursion was held in the English language, so the students could enjoy brushing up their language skills they are drilling in their English classes.

Kamilla Molobekova, gr. 01701 said, «This is the first time I have been in paleontological museum. And it was very exciting to hear something new about fossils and ancient organisms in English, especially by such a nice guide. He told us briefly about the most interesting periods of organic life: Paleozoic, Cambrian, Carbon, Jurassic and Neogene. I knew about them before, but his telling helped me improve my knowledge. I saw a lot of skeletons, fossils and bones of various beings (extinct plants, mammals, reptiles). Also, I should note that I was surprised that mammoth had only 4 (or 6) huge teeth.

Overall, I will be glad to visit the museum again».

Olga Valieva, a student of group 01702, enjoyed the excursion. In her opinion, it was exciting and interesting. She learned something new about the periods of geological history of the Earth. 

Anastasia Shilova agreed with the group-mate that «the excursion was great; there were a lot of ancient skeletons, fossils and frames. The guys took a lot of pictures and got some new experience».

Danil Potapova, a student of group 01701, found the excursion exciting and amusing saying, «today I’ve visited this nice excursion to the Paleontology museum and I must say even I, person who is not easily amused, was mildly entertained. I liked the stuff I saw, I took a photo of a dinosaur skeleton, and enjoyed myself comparing mammoth’s tooth to mine».

Aleksandra Sokolova, a student of group 01701, shared the opinion that the lecture in English was clear and informative as she «heard some biological terms and learnt a few interesting facts».

Yaroslav Utkin, gr. 01701 pointed out that «it is very important for students to attend such types of activities».

So, let us deliver our acknowledgements to Anatoly Innokentievich Muravjev for his enthusiasm and high professionalism while preparing for the workshop.