Firsthand or Open Day of IT-Companies

22 November 2017

First-year students of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science attended the Open Day of IT-Companies.

20 November 2017 infotecs, ENBISYS, ntrlab, SIBUR IT-Service, and Elesi held a meeting at TSU Business Incubator. The representatives introduced their companies and told the attendees about career prospects, internship, employment, requirements, and current projects.

The companies invite students to take part in a 1-6-month internship and regular schools and workshops. They serve as a good platform to practice and improve your skills but also to demonstrate your intelligence and creativity. Those who do their best and meet the requirements are invited to join the company.

Group 1171/b were impressed by two companies: ENBISYS and infotecs. Iosif Guzeev asked Maxim Usov, ENBISYS CEO, whether mathematics is worth learning. Maxim emphasized the importance of maths in computer science. He added that now many companies experience a lack of specialists with good knowledge of maths.

Some companies have their branches in other countries, for example, ENBISYS has its office in England. Speaking English is a key requirement along with hard and soft skills. If a candidate speaks English, he/she has a greater chance to get a job abroad. Employees support their English proficiency having regular classes. Twice a week they meet with a teacher in the company. Among other incentives, each company lists free coffee and sweets, gym, training, etc.

It seemed that infotecs always have sweets with them. They offered students to solve some problems in programming and IT; those who solved them correctly were awarded a box of cupcakes. Irina Prilepova, Iosif Guzeev, Nikolay Bezkhodarnov, Stas Kononchik, Aleksandr Bulin, and Sergey Vinitsky tried what infotecs is like.