Current Trends in the Russian IT-market

17 November 2017

Students at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science met a System Architect from DEPO Computers. The meeting was arranged within the Project by Aleksandra Nabiullina.

13 November 2017 Andrey Filinov came to talk about trends in IT and labour market. He explained what DEPO Computers deals with and how to survive under the policy of import substitution.

Import substitution has affected a lot of major companies. According to the requirements, they have to use domestic hardware and software. Russian companies are satisfied with domestic hardware, however, they suffer from the lack of good software. Filling the gap – creating a piece of software – can bring a fortune to creative and hard-working students. By 2020 all Russian companies will have switched from Microsoft Office to ‘something else’. ‘Something else’ should meet two requirements: 1) it must be useful and good-looking; 2) user-friendly.

Besides modern trends, Andrey paid attention to skills that are crucial to programmers and IT specialist. First and foremost, all candidates have to be experienced, which is quite difficult because no one employs an inexperienced person. To gain experience, students need to start working soon. Their first job can be low-paid but it must improve their skills and enrich their knowledge. Secondly, employers value responsible people. Thirdly, communication skills are crucial. One has to be able to talk to customers, suppliers, colleagues, and smile. Smiling enables understanding.

Although there is a stereotype that programming involves sitting at the desk long hours, Andrey travels a lot. His business trips have taken him from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad.

Andrey finished the lecture by famous Steve Jobs statement Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

First-year students were delighted. It was an interesting presentation that gives some me motivation. Also, I’m glad to hear that we have a big Russian IT company, said Iosif Guzeev.