The Students of Radiophysics Department Participated in the International Forum «Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy»

24 October 2017

The freshmen and sophomores of Radiophysics department, the participants of the project «Development of the foreign language competence of TSU students», had a wonderful opportunity to attend Discovery Session «Interaction of Radiation with Matter and Image Recognition». The session was held within the framework of the International Forum «Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy».   It took place on September, 21 and September, 22.

 We asked the students of group 771 about their impressions.

There were 5 reports on the agenda:

1. TvardovskiyAleksandr with a report on «Timed State Machines, Test Derivation»

2. Maksim Gromovwith a report on «Towards a  Digital Expert»

3. Aleksandr Kireev with a report on «Anthropomorphic Manipulator»

4. NikolajYudin with a report on «The Copper-vapor Laser with a Pump efficiency of ~ 3%c for Medicine»

5. Andrey Laputenko with a report on «Testing Microcontroller Based Cyber Physical Systems Using Timed Automata»

Aleksey Andrikovich: I liked this session. It was so interesting to listen to scientific reports of Master students of Radiophysics department . They did a great job in their research which they presented to us in this session.

By participating in this event, I learned a lot of new and interesting things. The Master students told us about things that we’d never heard before or hadn ’t even been aware of their existence. I like learning English, so it was interesting to listen to the English speech.

I want to thank all the organizers for such an interesting event.

Nickolay Savin:  The session focused on both the fundamental and applied aspects of computer and laser techniques. At the conference Master students, PhD students and a candidate of sciences presented the results of their research work. There were four reports on the agenda. The reporters were able to answer questions. Also Dr. Felipe Perez-Rodriguez from Mexico participated in the session.

In my opinion it was useful to participate. It was a great experience of using the practical language. Although I’m not an expert in this topic, I appreciated all the reports, and I’ll be glad if we have more chances to attend other conferences.

Vladimir Vinarskiy: Our group, including me, listened to reports of Master students, PhD students and a Candidate of Science. For example, Maxim Gromov, the Candidate of Science, made a report "Towards a Digital Expert". I was impressed by this Conference. I especially appreciated the work "The Copper-vapor Laser with a Pump Efficiency of ~3% for Medicine". Certainly, it was not a new topic in science, but it is difficult to realize theory into practice. That is why I was fascinated by it. I will be glad to attend other scientific events again. 

Olzhas Kukenov: In the framework of the forum the projects of Master students and PhD students were presented. They focused on computer and laser techniques. The speakers were happy to answer questions of interest to students. The forum was of international importance. I will never forget  Dr. Felipe Peiez-Rodrigez. He took on active part in this event.

Personally, I did not understand in detail  what the reporters told about , since I’m not an expert. Most of all I liked the report of Maxim Gromov. He creatively provided the necessary information and demonstrated a good command of English.

I look forward to participating in such sessions.