The scientific conference of Biological Institute

2 May 2017

Within the English-speaking Forum in the Conference Hall of Scientific library the scientific conference of Biological Institute students entitled "Dive into Science: Wondering, Observing, Exploring the Essence of Nature" was held. Organizers and moderators of this conference are the project manager, vice rector for Academic Affairs of Tomsk State University  Victor  Dyomin, vice rector for International Affairs of Tomsk State University  Artyom Rykun, the director of Biological Institute of Tomsk State University, professor Danil Vorobiev, the project manager Elena Shulgina, associate professor of foreign languages faculty, the senior teachers of foreign languages faculty – Elena Vychuzhanina, Elena Melnikova, Natalya Shaftelskaya, associate professor Lyudmila Minakova.

Elena Shulgina, the project manager, Vadim Senko, the head of Department of International Affairs of TSU, Sergey Maksikov, the deputy dean of Geology and Geography faculty of TSU, Yulia Franck, associate professor of Biological Institute, Alexander Erofeev, associate professor of Geology and Geography faculty addressed conferees with welcome speech. Students could watch an interesting movie about a research of Vasyugan Swamp presented in English by the director of BioClimLand Center, professor Sergey Kirpotin.

At the conference 16 oral reports and about 20 poster presentations were submitted. 55 first-year bachelor students of Biological Institute, participants of the project "Development of Foreign-language Communicative Competence of TSU Students", took part in the conference. The subjects of their reports were various and interesting and commanded great attention of the students and teachers participating in a section meeting. They concerned not only environmental problems, virology, evolution of microorganisms, modern methods of treatment for serious diseases, but also absolutely fantastic projects connected with possible development of extraterrestrial life forms, and also surprising facts from our everyday life which value we even rarely think of, but which are so important for our well-being.

Teachers of Biological Institute also participated in a discussion together with the students: Yulia Franck, associate professor of Biological Institute, Maria Efimova, associate professor of Biological Institute as well as the students of the Durham University (Great Britain) Fionn Price and William Huntley.

After spirited discussions of the reports the students were named who prepared the best oral reports and poster presentations. Among oral speakers, Rakina Militsa with the report of "Biodegradable Controlled Drug Delivery Carrier" was unanimously recognized as the best participant and she received Grand Prize of the conference. Besides, Romanova Yana with the report of "Would you like a cup of Java?" took the first place, Li Mark with the report of "Viruses are called winners: Amazing Life Form"  got the 2nd place and a group of speakers Kukharenko Natalya, Oglezneva Elena, Kalinina Darya and Kulayeva Anna with the report of "Wonderful Spiders" was rewarded the third prize. Among poster presentations a group of students Samopalnikova Natalya, Kudryashov Andrey, Kozlova Ekaterina and Teplyakov Dmitry of "Inspired by Nature" became the undoubted winner. Diplomas of the second and third degrees were given to students Grishkova Galina, Kazakova Anna and Toker Sofia for the presentation of «Last Universal Common Ancestor" and Berdnikova Maria, Amelchenko Darya and Krylatova Veronika for the presentation of “How to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease?”.

In general, the English-speaking Forum showed the readiness of students to participate and represent serious scientific reports, to carry out scientific research and to achieve interesting results. They also revealed their deep interest in the future professional activity in spite of the fact they only begin to comprehend the depths of difficulty in Biology. An opportunity to represent and discuss the reports in English only excited the interest of the participants in this conference, having made the task set for students more difficult, responsible and creative. This Forum became a fine tribune for a rehearsal of future scientists to present their scientific ideas at the forthcoming international symposiums and conferences.