First Step in Discovering Geography

2 May 2017

As part of the project for English-speaking Environment Formation for the Students of TSU on the 20th of April Scientific library of TSU opened its doors to beginning researches, first year students of Faculty of Geology and Geography, who were eager to share the results of their studies in the field of geography. It was the first time ever that such an event took place at TSU. Although the in-depth study of the English language started for the students of groups 02604 and 02604 only 8 months ago, it was chosen as the working language of the conference. On that day one could see many excited freshmen using every spare minute to revise the text of their presentation as it was their debut. The students had to cope not only with excitement, which is usual when delivering public speeches, but also lack of confidence when speaking their non-native language. The speeches delivered in English by high-status guests contributed to special solemnity and importance of the conference. They provided their own examples of why English is both the language of science, education, and international communication, and the tool which is necessary for a modern specialist in their professional communication. There were two kinds of reports the students could choose to deliver – poster reports and presentations, thus, any student could choose a suitable way to communicate information. Gleaming eyes of the active participants of the conference proved the necessity to hold similar events better than any words, and encourages those only listening this time to participate actively next year.