Open lecture announcement: “why is biodiversity important?”

23 March 2017

On the 17th of March, 2017 first-year students of TSU had a brilliant opportunity to attend an open lecture delivered in the English Language. The lecture was presented by Dr. Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, associate professor in the Department of Botany of Tomsk State University.

Dr. Roberto Gatti spoke on the topic of biological diversity and its importance for humansurvival, species extinction, and a reciprocal causation between human behavior and the future of the planet.

The lecture covered a vast variety of urgent issues that have been on agenda for the last decades. So, more than seventy students of Biological Institute and the Department of Sociology found the topic interesting and came to the meeting.

Everybody was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and friendly manners of the lecturer who inspired the audience with his ideas of appropriate conservation and social responsibility of the individual for the future of our planet.

The event was fairly instructive and evoking. All the participants showed sincere interest to the topic, reacting vividly on the stimuli of the speaker.

At the end of the meeting the students were welcomed to ask questions and share their views on life variety as a key stone of human being and the phenomenon of Domino effect in biology and social life.

Yet, there were some questions left beyond the discussion, so a series of seminars is going to follow. Seeus