Master class for the students of Radiophysics department

5 December 2016

On the 2nd of December the group № 765 ( Radiophysics department) and the English language instructors Olga V. Kharapudchenko, Elena A. Krasilova, Yulia B. Kaygorodtseva visited the Laboratory of Radiophysical and Optical Methods of Environmental Studies (ROMES), headed by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Victor V. Dyomin.

Aleksey S. Olshukov, an associate professor, and Master students Nikita Yu. Rudofilov and Anton S. Sinitsyn  carried out the workshop. The students learned that the laboratory is a home to internationally recognized researchers who mainly deal with the holography issues. There are two main fields of investigation: photo-holography and digital holography. Holographic methods could be implemented in investigation of plankton, crystals, particles and blood cells. The results of the research staff investigations make a breakthrough in science. The students had a chance to see the equipment which was developed by the researchers of the laboratory. Lasers, holographic cameras, different optical elements, buffet hovercrafts, top-ranked computers and software are all the means of the current investigations of ROMES. The latest achievement of our lab is submersible holographic camera. Moreover, the laboratory is engaged in interdisciplinary research and in international collaborations.

The students asked a lot of questions, so the workshop involved a detailed discussion in the English language.