Volunteers of TSU eco camp have arranged a new recreation area

11 July 2016

The work of ECO CAMP volunteer camp on the basis of TSU has completed. During the one and a half weeks, an international team of university students, as well as volunteers from Egypt, Morocco, and Vietnam was engaged in landscaping springs along the University Lake, and now the guys are invited Tomsk citizens to visit the new urban rest area.

Tomsk has more than a thousand springs, and 14 the most important from a historical and cultural point of view are located near Tomsk State University - in the Siberian Botanical Garden and near the educational building number 4 along the University Lake.

TSU Centre for volunteering since last year has an environmental team, which maintains the purity near the springs. To draw attention to the preservation of the springs,UNIVOL with the support of the volunteer movement Sphere (Nizhny Novgorod) organized an international volunteer camp.

During the work of the camp the area had been cleared of garbage, the entrance to the territory of the University Lake was equipped, few benches were installed and painted. Volunteers of the camp also visited museums of TSU and the city museums, met with Tomsk landmarks, celebrated the day of Ivan Kupala, and shared their experiences of volunteering in their countries at the Regional Youth Forum Tomsk Collider.

- Participation in ECO CAMP is very useful, because we all need to take care of nature, and it would be nice if we do it together, - says volunteer Mohamed Hassan (Egypt), a member of the camp. - I advise everyone to get such experience.

Later volunteers UNIVOL centre is planning to plant bare slopes near the University Lake with plants, to maintain the purity of the springs and conduct excursions on the territory. In addition, the team of the centre is already beginning to prepare the second ECO CAMP in 2017.