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12 August 2016

The dinosaur found by TSU scientists turned out to be a new kind

Researchers at TSU, Saint Petersburg State University and the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have identified a new taxon in the family titanozavrid - four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs

25 July 2016

TSU is trying to predict cancer by the metabolome profile of a patient

TSU scientists and their colleagues from the Siberian State Medical University and Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands) are exploring new methods of non-invasive diagnosis of bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma)

4 July 2016

TSU has changed the properties of a mineral needed for hemodialysis

Scientists of Tomsk State University have changed the physical and chemical properties of zeolites (aluminosilicates of calcium and sodium) by mechanical and thermal influence

28 June 2016

TSU developed a staff evaluation programme for dangerous production

TSU developed a staff evaluation programme for dangerous production

27 June 2016

The TSU robot can search victims and work in the Arctic

Scientists of International Laboratory of Vision Systems of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies have created an all terrain robotic platform

21 June 2016

TSU is studying the effect of magnetic storms on human reaction speed

Young scientists of the Department of Space Physics and Ecology of the Faculty of Radiophysics have investigated the effects on the human brain of geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares

21 June 2016

TSU scientists have increased the efficiency of random lasers

Mikhail Zinoviev, a Master’s student led by the head of the laboratory SPhTI TSU Aleksey Zemlyanov, has examined how the characteristics of random lasers change with the addition of aggregated nanoparticles in the active medium

9 June 2016

Cheap reagent for oil production created at TSU is being tested

TSU scientists are developing technologies of polysaccharide reagents with desired properties for drilling wells

31 May 2016

TSU scientists find way to detect cancer carriers

TSU has introduced a new method of spectral analysis that allows detection of bronchopulmonary diseases including lung cancer by analyzing exhaled breath with high accuracy

25 May 2016

Methods of TSU physicists help solve the problems of string theory

Scientists from the Faculty of Physics took part in an event at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics (MIAPP, Munich)

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