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21 April 2016

TSU has constructed a ballistic installation for Roscosmos

The equipment allows ground conditions to simulate the impact of different elements of fragmentation and meteoroid environment on spacecraft

18 April 2016

TSU scientists will develop new ways to protect satellites

Employees of the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, along with scientists of Faculty of Physics and Engineering, have begun to study the interaction of spacecraft with small fragments of meteors and space debris

12 April 2016

TSU scientists learned to extract the valuable element from the air

Researchers of the Biological Institute have identified a strain of bacteria AZ-D10, which helps plants to absorb nitrogen from the air

8 April 2016

TSU scientists created the most solid isolation valves in the world

A group of researchers from the Department of Strength and Design of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering together with colleagues from ISPMS SB RAS have developed a technology to produce nanoceramics with the coefficient of thermal expansion close to zero

7 April 2016

TSU is creating a mathematical model to assess the pollution of Baikal

TSU employee Bair Tsydenov is working on a complex mathematical model for the study of hydroecological processes in Lake Baikal

24 March 2016

TSU student creates software for modeling an invisibility cloak

Egor Yurchenko is developing software that has no analog and with which it will be possible to model microwave devices from new metamaterials, whose properties even allow making these devices invisible for tomography

22 March 2016

TSU will be engaged in data analysis of social networks

Russia's only large social network analysis laboratory has been established at Tomsk State University

14 March 2016

TSU scientists will create an algorithm for disposal of spent GLONASS

This year, scientists of the Department of Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry NII PMM are beginning to create an algorithm for utilization of nonfunctioning satellites of the GLONASS system

25 February 2016

TSU scientists simulated a nuclear explosion of an asteroid

Employees of the Department of Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry NII PMM and colleagues from St. Petersburg State University, Keldysh Research Center, and Research Institute Sirius are developing measures to protect the Earth from potentially dangerous celestial bodies

17 February 2016

TSU scientists have found a new method of cleaning lakes

Researchers of the TSU Institute of Biology have invented technology of subglacial treatment of ponds contaminated with oil

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