TSU and partners will release a new product to enhance immunity

13 April 2020

TSU and its partners Solagift and LLC Siberian Eco-drinks have launched a joint project, Unisol. Its goal is the creation and launch of a product line based on natural components that strengthen the immune system and increase the body's resistance to infections. At an online conference, the partners talked about the new products planned for release and demonstrated the first joint product.

The first Unisol product will be Univer Active Bioeffective water, based on cell fir juice. Currently, the development is in the final stage and it’s almost ready for mass production.

The company Siberian Eco-drinks is engaged in production of bottled water. Until recently, the main product of our company was natural drinking water, Juno, with a high content of silver ions. It will serve as the basis for Univer Active, - said Andrei Parshukov, brand manager of Siberian Eco-Drinks. - With our partners we intend to get an effective, healthy, and affordable drink that will enhance human immunity. Now there is a study of the organoleptic properties of the product and the development of regulations for its production.

According to Vladimir Trusov, director of the medical department of the Solagift, fir extract is a natural adaptogen with a wide spectrum of action. It is able to restore the physiological functions of the human body and increase its resistance to adverse factors during infectious and viral diseases.

Univer Active is not a substitute for medicines, but this product will work on immunity, which is the main protection against all diseases. Whether a person will need medicine or not depends on the state of the immune system. Univer Active can be used as a preventative measure during epidemics and during the recovery phase after an illness. This water can also be used in ordinary life to strengthen the body's defenses, because we do not know when we might encounter one or another pathogen.

In the future, TSU and partners plan to release a number of products, including those with components from the Siberian Botanical Gardens - extracts of rosehip and Rhodiola rosea, known as the golden root and possessing unique healing characteristics. Water extract of Rhodiola stimulates the immune system, increases resistance to stress of various kinds, and has antioxidant properties.

- Rhodiola rosea belongs to the Red Book plants. In nature, it is becoming less and less prevalent, because people actively extract it and populations do not have time to recover, -explained Mikhail Yamburov, director of the TSU Siberian Botanical Garden. – Our scientists have been studying the properties of Rhodiola rosea for many years and were able to develop technology for industrial cultivation of this mountain plant in the conditions of the Tomsk Region. We are ready to share our best practices with partners. Recently, an aqueous extract, which is part of one of the formulations, was prepared from the raw materials of the golden root. The staff of the three Siberian Botanical Garden laboratories is now studying other medicinal plants, which we can also offer to our partners