TSU will create a center for testing new chemical technologies

2 March 2020

TSU and partners from the Big University intend to open the Сenter for Small-Tonnage Chemistry, which will create products in small batches and act as a platform for developing new technologies. The model of the center and its capabilities and development prospects was discussed by chemists at TSU at a working meeting with Yury Zozulya, general director of JSC Special Chemicals.

The Center for Small-Tonnage Chemistry will encompass scientific and engineering schools of partners at the Big University, 27 small innovative enterprises operating at universities, and two engineering centers established several years ago at TSU and TPU to promote university developments on the market.

- Despite the small volume of batches that small-scale production gives, their products are imported in very large amounts. The nomenclature in the small-tonnage chemistry has more than 40,000 positions, so it’s rather difficult to choose what to do to be cost-effective, - said Alexey Knyazev, director of the TSU Engineering Chemical Technology Center. - Based on our experience and the experience of our partners, we decided to focus on sorbents, catalysts, organic and inorganic synthesis, and polymers, including biodegradable ones.

The main work of the Center will be the development of chemical technologies of customers at the pilot-industrial level with subsequent transfer to production. Financially, the testing of new technologies on small sites is much more profitable than testing in large plants.

The Center will have several buildings where, along with existing equipment, modular-type pilot plants will be placed that can be reassembled for testing different technologies. In addition, the Center will be engaged in the preparation of technical documentation necessary for launching a product in serial production.

- Such a center can also be a technological cluster when a customer enters our premises, conducts tests, and within a few months uses ready-made infrastructure without investing in its creation on its own premises,- explained Alexey Knyazev. - At the same time, the university can provide customers with personnel and copyright support. Parallel to this, production based on the Center for Small Chemistry will be constantly working with the release of our products already on the market.