A TSU student is creating a device for measuring chlorine in the water

7 February 2020

Kristina Aligasanova, a young scientist at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, is creating a device for the operational monitoring of the level of free chlorine in the water tanks of swimming pools that will be based on the optoelectronic method.

Kristina is in her fourth year at the Faculty of Physics and Technology and engaged in research at the intersection of engineering and chemistry. She explains that she chose the faculty because she had been engaged in instrument engineering since school times.

- Many swimming pools have difficulty in choosing a device for determining the concentration of chlorine in the water. The fact is that inexpensive foreign express devices have a high error rate and do not help accurate measurements, and accurate methods require special laboratory conditions that are difficult to provide. In Russia, express devices of high accuracy do not currently exist. Therefore, the project is to create a domestic, inexpensive device, - Kristina Aligasanova explains the relevance of her work.

She has already worked on creating such a device and managed to make a layout and get good experimental data.

The application, where it was necessary to clearly state your idea, its relevance, and the possibility of further commercialization, showed that Kristina Aligasanova’s idea is really in demand on the market. The half a million rubles that she will receive from the fund will be used for experimental research to implement and improve the methodology for measuring free chlorine. After that, an actual device will be developed using the allocated funding, which is planned to be patented at the end of the project.