Students won the competition and set up an office

15 November 2017

Members of the Student Council of Dormitory № 8 took part in the TSU Vector Initiative contest and received 100,000 rubles for the implementation of their idea. With this money, the students have equipped a co-working area for 25 people. Now all working meetings and official events are held not in the hall of the hostel, but in much more comfortable conditions.

- The idea of equipping a special place where you can work and relax at the same time came up a long time ago,- says Vladislava Sokolenko, a Master’s student, chairman of the student council of the Biological Institute. It is not enough to have only the desire, we need money, therefore, after learning about the “Vector of Initiative” contest, which was held by the Institute for Innovations in Education, we decided to try. We developed the project, found out what furniture to purchase through the procedure of state procurement, discussed all this with the trade union committee of students and the Vice-Rector for Social Work, and applied for the contest.

The victory in the contest brought not only money but also serious commitments. The students needed to properly use the funds received, independently carry out repairs, and purchase furniture. Members of the Student Council of the hostel have successfully passed the exam for “adulthood”. The co-working area equipped with their own hands is now one of the most popular places in the dormitory.

Meetings with members of the councils of other TSU’s dormitories are held here, at which they discuss joint affairs (cleaning, activities, and others). Representatives of the university administration, the trade union of students, the cleaning company serving the hostel, and other organizations also come here to discuss pressing issues.

The place is also used for educational purposes. For example, students of the Institute of Arts and Culture living in a dormitory need large tables for drawing and a place for discussing creative projects. The training room where other people are engaged is not suitable for loud discussions, and in this situation the students use the co-working zone.

- “Vector of initiative” is a great opportunity for people who have an interesting idea, but do not have the money to implement it, - says Vladislava Sokolenko. - It seems to me that for students participating in such projects, it is especially useful, because firstly, we can realize our plans, and secondly, we learn to take responsibility and solve serious problems. Now other people are doing this for us, but in the future, such experience will be very useful.