Oil companies can use TSU technology to clean lakes

22 January 2016

A fundamentally new, cheap, and effective way to clean lake bottom sediments of oil that was created by scientists of the Institute of Biology TSU, now is protected by a patent. After some additional expertise, the technology may be used by oil companies, which are already showing their interest in it.

- The next step will be to conduct pilot tests and technical documentation for submission to environmental review of the Rosprirodnadzor (Russian Federal Agency for Nature Supervision). This is a prerequisite for all the new technologies that have an impact on the environment, even for its restoration and cleaning, - explained Danil Vorobyov, the director of the Biological Institute.

The method developed by TSU biologists has already proven its safety and effectiveness. Its main technical solutions were tested during the clean-up at Shchuchye Lake (Komi Republic), where it was possible to lift 157 tons of oil from the bottom. Malformations typical for the 100% of the fish were reduced to 3% in a few years.

The problem of cleaning marine bottom sediments is relevant to all oil and gas producing regions. Already, a number of oil companies are interested in the invention of the Biological Institute scientists, because the use of the new technology will help to avoid multimillion-dollar fines, stipulated by the legislation for water pollution.