Express-course of the Russian language Vacation in Tomsk

30 June 2021

The course Vacation in Tomsk will help you to quickly learn Russian

language to the level of everyday communication. The program is aimed at international students who begin and continue to learn the Russian language (A0 - B1 levels).

The course includes 2 stages:

  1. Online format (3 weeks) includes Russian grammar learning. During this time, you will receive a solid grammatical base and overcome the language barrier; 
  2. Offline format (3 weeks) implies full immersion in the language environment.

You will practice the knowledge you’ll gain online.

An important part of the course is extracurricular activities: excursions, master classes, speaking clubs, meetings with tutors that will help you to improve communication skills.

Classes are taught by leading experts in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The express course of the Russian language Vacation in Tomsk is a complete immersion in the language environment and culture of Russia. We provide student’s support 24/7 online and offline - new technologies and methods of communication. And, of course, a unique teaching method and an individual approach to everyone.