Oxford and Sheffield linguists will teach in new master’s program

8 June 2020

Peter Mitchell, Doctor of Pedagogy, a full member of the Institute of Linguists of Great Britain and Associate Professor of the TSU Faculty of Foreign Languages, became the head of the new autonomous master's program Global Masters in ELT Leadership in Linguistics. The language of instruction will be English, and the target audiences of the program are China and East and Southeast Asia. The key partners in the program are the University of Cambridge Assessment and Oxford EMI.

The program has already been approved and will be launched in a year. This is the first global master's program in teaching English, uniting leading scientists and managers from around the world. The share of international-level teachers in the program is about 50%, including teachers from Sheffield, MIT, Shanghai, and Montreal.

- The idea of the program came to me thanks to my personal experience of studying at different universities. It was understood that the master's programs in the world do not meet the requirements of the market or the needs of applicants. The uniqueness of our new program is that, first, a global team of teachers from different universities, countries, and profiles (linguistics, pedagogy, management, branding, and entrepreneurship) will be involved and, second, the program will be implemented mainly using remote technologies. Also, winter and summer schools will be held in Tomsk and partner countries, - said Peter Mitchell, who is the program manager.

The online work of the program will be implemented in partnership with the TSU Institute of Distance Education. Also, negotiations are currently underway on collaboration with the educational platform Coursera. The internship can be carried out both in the places of residence of graduate students and at TSU and program partners. Students will have the opportunity to undergo CELTA certification (in collaboration with Cambridge University).

The master’s students will cope with the compulsory disciplines that make up the core of the program, and at the same time, they are offered a wide range of elective disciplines, which provides the opportunity to build an individual educational trajectory.

Graduates of the program will be able to become leaders in language education in Asia. Such specialists will be in demand in secondary educational and language schools, colleges, universities, and departments of education at the municipal, regional, and national levels.