Professors from Poland discussed EU financial law at TSU

2 March 2020

Professors from University of Gdańsk recently visited the TSU Law Institute. They gave a lecture to students and took part in a roundtable discussion, and lawyers from Russia and Poland discussed the specifics of financial law in the EU, taxation, and environmental legislation. The visit took place thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ mobility program.

- International collaboration is the expansion of the information field, the expansion of human participation, and the opportunity to evaluate the experience of other countries,- said Professor Vladimir Utkin, director of the Law Institute. - It is very useful to look at ourselves from the outside, and we are interested in the assessments of our colleagues from Poland.

During the visit, Prof. Edvardas Juchnevicius, Dr. Tomasz Bojar-Fijałkowski, and Dr. Damian Cyman toured Tomsk, delivered a lecture for students on problems of EU international law, and took part in a roundtable discussion. The lawyers from Russia and Poland discussed measures to prevent tax evasion in the EU and Russia, environmental and environmental legislation, automatic exchange of tax information, and other issues.

- This is the first visit of colleagues from Poland, and they were interested in the Department of Financial Law because not every university has it. We have taught tax law, budget, currency, the securities market, and much more, - said Sergey Kuznetsov, head of the department and associate professor. – At the same time, we do not study EU law as a separate course, so this visit is a mutual exchange of experience.