Large Igneous Provinces Through Earth History conference at TSU

27 February 2019

The 7th international conference Large Igneous Provinces Through Earth History: Mantle Plumes, Supercontinents, Climate Change, Metallogeny and Oil-Gas, Planetary Analogues, organized by Faculty of Geology and Geography, Tomsk State University will be held on August 28 - September 8, 2019.

Since 2007, the conference has been held every two years in different countries of the world. In 2019, Tomsk State University will be the main organizer and will gather more than 100 students, graduate students, scientists, and representatives of the mining and oil refining industries from different parts of the world.

The main ideological inspirer of this event is Dr. Richard Ernst (Carleton University, Canada) - the author of over a hundred articles in leading scientific journals, head of the international council for the study of major ignorant provinces, head of the TSU Laboratory of Geochronology and Geodynamics.

- The Faculty of Geology and Geography is proud to host the 7th International Conference on enormous volcanic events, known as Large Igneous Provinces. These occur throughout Earth History and have caused dramatic climate change, including mass extinction events when up to 90% of life on Earth was wiped out. They also have helped cause the breakup of supercontinents and are associated with major ore deposits and have influenced hydrocarbon reservoirs. Keynote speakers and delegates are attending from across Russia and from around the world. Keynote speakers include: Dr. Julian Pearce, UK (leading geochemist), Dr. Tim Lyons, USA (expert on oxygenation history of the Earth), Dr. Pisarevsky, Australia (supercontinent history of the Earth), and Academician Nikola Dobretsov, Russia (mantle plumes and continental breakup) - said Dr. Richard Ernst. 

This conference aims to bring international researchers together and stimulate potential collaboration from different disciplines. It will focus on the following topics:  

1. LIP record through time (and on other planets) and their causes, including the role of mantle plumes

2. Devonian and Ordovician LIPs

3. LIPs and supercontinent breakup: petrological, geodynamic and geophysical aspects

4. Organic world – oil/ gas, and influence of LIPs

5. LIP effect on climate as recorded in the sedimentary record

6. Precambrian LIPs and the Role of LIPs as natural time markers in the Precambrian

7. Role of LIPs in resource exploration (for ore deposits)

8. Planetary LIPs

The official languages of the conference are English and Russian. All presentations and posters are to be prepared in English. 



The Abstract Submission deadline is July 1. The registration is opened until March 31

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