TSU will prepare special offers for teaching students from Indonesia

27 November 2018

A delegation from Indonesia headed by the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, one of the largest provinces of this country, has visited TSU. The guests got acquainted with the developments of the University in biotechnology, information technology, and the production of products from materials with shape memory, and visited Artlife - the TSU company partner. At the meeting with the TSU Rector, they discussed the possibility of creating the TSU preparatory faculty in Indonesia.
The delegation that visited TSU included Teoh Seng Lee, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Malaysia; Muhammad Fauzi Nasution, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in North Sumatra; Musa Rajekshah Anif, Deputy Governor of North Sumatra; and Muhammad Armand Effendy Pohan, Head of Research and Development for the Government of North Sumatra.

- We already have two students from North Sumatra, both of them studying by the quotas of the Russian Federation. However, the government of North Sumatra is ready to send more students to TSU, said Musa Rajekshah Anif at the meeting.
 Now 12 Indonesian students and one graduate student are studying at TSU, they have chosen international relations, geology, biology, and economics. Another 18 future TSU students are studying at the Pre-courses Department. The university actively collaborates with Indonesian universities: since 2014, five joint summer and winter schools have been held for students from both countries. TSU has collaborated with Udayana University, Padjadjaran University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, University of Pattimura, Pertamina University, Gadjah Mada University - Indonesian Harvard, a university that the President graduated from.

- We very much hope that your visit will be a catalyst for new projects in collaboration between the two countries in education and business, - the TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky welcomed the guests. - For example, we can consider the creation of a preparatory department in the territory of North Sumatra, this will allow covering a greater number of people who want to study at TSU.

The participants also discussed the opportunities that are opening up for students upon admission to TSU. These are joint programs with universities in the UK, France, and the Netherlands, the Software Engineering program, and a special mathematical educational course now being prepared for launch, which, based on individual trajectories and data analysis, using adaptive content will be tuned to individual basic knowledge and features of each student.
Indonesia is among the countries that are priorities for TSU in terms of the export of education. Indonesian partners have sympathy for Russia, Russian culture, and the Russian language.