TSU and Puzzle English will teach students English together

17 October 2018

Tomsk State University and the Puzzle English online platform are planning to create joint products for learning English, aimed at the student audience. At the same time, TSU can become a testing ground where new programs are run-in. The collaboration agreement was reached at the conference of innovative educational technologies EdCrunch, where TSU and Puzzle English presented their best online courses.

- We are interested in working with this educational platform becuase it is designed for people with high motivation who are inclined to self-study,- says TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky. - It is the quality that we try to develop in our students, instilling in them the habit of lifelong learning throughout their lives. In order for our graduates to be competitive, we try to provide them with quality language training. Interaction with Puzzle English can help us with this task.

According to Eduard Galazhinsky, the University and the online platform plan to develop a pilot training course. It will be tested on the basis of the university that will simultaneously provide a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness in comparison with groups that learn English using traditional approaches. Along with this, TSU specialists in linguistics, psychology, pedagogy, and cognitive sciences will make it possible to identify problematic factors hindering the productive mastery of the material and suggest ways to solve these problems. The parties are planning to discuss the details of the joint project during the visit of Puzzle English representatives to TSU.

- We enlist the collaboration with strong partners and invite other interested players to join the project, - says the Rector. If the pilot program will demonstrate the expected performance, we will offer it to other universities.

Puzzle English is one of the most popular online platforms for self-study of the English language. The basis of the training format is training perception of English by ear. By the end of 2017, 4,000,000 people were registered on the platform.