TSU will be engaged in collaboration between Russia and Southeast Asia

2 June 2016

A platform for international collaboration of Russia and Southeast Asian universities to exchange experiences will be created based at Tomsk State University. The decision was made at the international conference The Experience of National Programmes of Academic Excellence, which was held on May 27, the birthday of the University, at the Research Library of Tomsk State University.

Representatives of various world universities participating in their countries’ programmes of academic excellence spoke of their experiences with increasing the number of scientific publications and the level of mobility, and developing educational programmes.

- Building a world-class university has several dimensions, - said  Dmitriy Sukhushin, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, at the opening of the conference - This is а prospective image of the university of the future. It’s the efforts of each university associated with the transformation of its educational, research, and management model. The competitiveness of universities includes collaboration. And the most valuable is the experience of transformation. We are providing our conference to share such experiences.

The participants noted that international collaboration of universities is a priority for the next 5-10 years. And we need to discuss and understand the experience of implementing national programmes of academic excellence in different countries. In this regard, it was proposed to form a platform for such discussions based at Tomsk State University.

- We offer to note the value of reflection on programmes of excellence, in which it’s possible to combine the efforts of universities in mutually beneficial collaboration and conditions for development, - summed up Vice-Rector Sukhushin. - And I suggest making our conference dedicated to these issues regular. I hope that this conference will be the first step in the collaboration not only between universities, but also between colleagues, by creating conditions for the exchange of ideas and dialogue on the entire range of issues before us.