The site STUDY IN RUSSIA has begun its work

4 May 2016

The Project Office of the 5-100 (Russian Academic Excellence Project) -  launches a new website, aimed at attracting international students in Russian universities. It is designed for international students and their parents. For the first time all the necessary information about studying in the leading universities of Russia gathered at a single resource.

It offers to the users a unique option of a quick search of training programmes. Now descriptions of the more than 2,800 programmes of higher and postgraduate education are available on the website. Another innovation is a step by step guide of entering the Russian university, presented in the form of infographics. Applicant can easily find a list of the required documents, information on quotas on the free training, competitions and events in the sphere of education.

Alexander Povalko, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, commented the new initiative: "Internationalization, including attracting the best students from other countries is the one of the most important directions of development of Russian universities participating in the project 5-100. According to the statistics, in the 2014/2015 academic year, more than 220,000 international students studied in Russian universities, and in some universities participating in the 5-100 project, this indicator reached 20% of the total, which corresponds to the indicators of the best world universities. We hope that with the Study in Russia site more young students will be able to enjoy the benefits of higher education in Russia. "

The site will help to quickly choose a university, level of education, and training direction, to learn about the cost of a particular programme and even get tested for proficiency of the Russian language. The information is presented in 3 languages: Russian, English, and Chinese.

A separate section is devoted to the conditions of life and study in Russia. All the necessary information about the dormitories, transport, student benefits, medical care, food, leisure, climate and others are collected here. Even people who are not familiar with Russia, with the help of Study in Russia site will be able to get a full picture of the Russian system of higher education, including the history and traditions, statistics, and the positions of the universities in the rankings. The site has accounts in the major social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Google+, and the channel on Youtube.

34% international students and 28% of graduate students in the selection of the country for studying relied on the recommendations of those who have previously studied in Russia. This is evidenced by results of a survey conducted by the Social Research Centre in the spring of 2015, the respondents of which were about 4,000 international students studying in our country. In a special section of the website Study in Russia present and former students share their experiences of learning in Russia.