International Council will discuss the educational programme of TSU

27 April 2016

TSU holds an annual strategic session of the International Academic Advisory Board of the University. This time the main topic of the meeting was increasing the quality of educational programmes at TSU in close connection with the scientific activities of the University.

At the opening session April 25, TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky talked about the University's development strategy. This project of transforming the University was submitted in March to the International Council for Competitiveness Improvement of the Leading Russian Universities.

- This year, a new ideology of development associated with the release of the key areas and the improvement of educational activities based on scientific research was proposed for the universities participating in the 5-100 programme. This ideology has resulted in the creation of Strategic Academic Units (StrAU). TSU has established 5 StrAUs, which, in our opinion, correspond to the main challenges that humanity faces today on a global scale, - said Eduard Galazhinsky to the participants of the meeting.

The Rector briefly introduced TSU’s StrAUs. He emphasized that in the next few years humanity will undergo a process of transformation that is associated with a change in the quality of life - quality of the environment, the person, society, and technology. And the StrAUs of TSU were created as a response to these challenges, as well as the need for a quick transfer of new knowledge into the economy.

- The University will have, in fact, a serious reformatting with the focus on educational programmes that we need to completely revise. This applies to undergraduate and also graduate and postgraduate studies. And it's a great challenge for TSU, taking on which, we are counting on the support and experience of our international experts - concluded Eduard Galazhinsky.

Dmitry Eskin was sure that the new TSU development strategy is very ambitious, but promising.

- The Roadmap that was presented today by the Rector is very ambitious and implementing it in a short time is not easy, - said Dmitry Eskin, a professor of the University of Brunel and a member of International Academic Advisory Board. - However, if the University will find the strength and initiative to execute the plans, it will lead TSU to a qualitatively new level. The most important thing in this concept that education and science will work together. Of course, the University has to undergo changes in order to achieve the goals.