TSU has discussed a new model of economic and management education

21 March 2016

The changes occurring in the world require the transformation of established approaches in education. In response to these requirements, is TSU creating the Institute of Innovation, Economics, and Management. The concept of the new unit was presented at a meeting with the university community.

The meeting was attended by the Rector of the University - Eduard Galazhinsky; Victor Demin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs; Valery Katkalo, Director of the Sberbank Corporate University; and TSU employees who are implementing educational programmes in innovation, economics and management.

- Today the world’s traditional business models in the banking sector are crumbling - said Valery Katkaloin his speech. - Traditional banks have only a few years to live  - everything is going online and being replaced by the mobile applications. And teachers need to ask themselves: for which reality and for which economy they are preparing specialists today? Can all the programmes that are being implemented live on?

Over several months, specialists of Sberbank Corporate University conducted an audit of existing TSU economics and management education programmes. Experts analyzed the training of specialists in these areas and proposed their model of the organization of the Institute.
During the meeting, the concept was actively discussed. As a result, there was created a working group with members of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of International Management, and Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, which will continue to work on the concept of the Institute.

Rector Galazhinsky emphasized that the University’s public discussions will be conducted on the creation of the other strategic academic units.

Strategic Academic Unit (StrAU) projects are based on the model of the TSU “genome” presented to the International Council in 2015. It is based on the development of the basic processes of the University: education (new model), science (a consortium of centres of excellence) and production of innovation (creating an innovation ecosystem). TSU, forming StrAUs, moves to the third generation model of the University, working on the improvement of human life.

Tomsk State University is creating a total of five strategic academic units: Institute of Biomedicine (IB), Institute of the Human of the Digital Era (IHDE), Institute of Smart Materials and Technology (SMTI), TSSW: Siberian Institute of the Future (SIF), School of Innovation, Economics and Management (SIEM).